Ullapool – Kirkwall

*This trip is now finished! It is probably unwise to try to rewrite history, so why not check out our programme page instead?

On the Edge of the Atlantic, 18 – 29th Aug 2018

This is an adventurous trip which will offer a unique opportunity to experience offshore sailing, watch keeping and an unbroken horizon across the Atlantic!

The Ullapool to Kirkwall stretch passes some stunning coastline along the North West coast of Scotland. The islands, sea lochs, and headlands are particularly interesting from a geological perspective. Some of the world’s oldest rocks can be seen here in dramatic formations. We will have an aerial filmmaker onboard who will use a drone to capture imagery of the sea cliffs and rock formations, and our sailing boat will give us unique views which would not be possible from the land. We will also have a creative team whose expertise will explore the human connection to this unique landscape and the special geology it contains.