Inspiring positive change for the ocean through sailing, ecology and the creative arts

Our Vision

Sail Britain inspires positive change for the oceans under sail. We work towards cultural exchange and ocean literacy through exploration and education on our expedition yacht, Merlin. We welcome people from all backgrounds to join our programme to explore our marine environment, culture and heritage, and highlight the beauty and importance of our oceans.

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A Think Tank for the Oceans

The Ocean is becoming increasingly out of sight and out of mind. As a society and as consumers we are distanced from it’s ecosystems and our human impact upon them, while being ignorant of the crucial role the oceans play in maintaining a habitable planet. Our programme provides a unique social space where participants can develop innovative ideas and creative projects which promote a greater understanding of the oceans.

‘Under the Surface’, a short film by Tom Sweetland, shot during a week onboard Sail Britain



Changing our Relationship with the Sea

Experiencing the Ocean under sail gives an opportunity to develop a very personal connection with the sea. Ocean literacy and science communication is an important element of the project, and we carry equipment such as a moving image microscope, plankton/microplastics net and acoustic hydrophones to enable a view into the life of the ocean beyond our senses.

Creative and Cultural Exchange

Our interdisciplinary programme explores the marine environment from diverse perspectives, from its cultural and historical importance to environmental issues such as marine aquaculture, plastic pollution, climate change, and eroding coastlines. By working with artists and engaging in outreach activities, we communicate our stories and research to a wide audience, highlighting the cultural importance of our relationship with the sea and the connection between ecological issues and society.


“Sail Britain is one of the most accessible, transformative and impactful ocean programmes I have ever encountered.” 

– Arzucan Askin, Founder, LSE Marine Society

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Sailing is a unique social activity which offers huge potential for personal development, both for individuals and in groups. A sailing boat is an inclusive social space where everyone works together as valued members of the crew. It offers the freedom to explore and interact with others, as well as to take on individual responsibility and leadership roles. From raising anchor to setting the sails and navigational planning, we provide the support and training to make sure everyone can get involved, whatever their ability or experience.

Official partner, Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters 2020/2021

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