Jeremy Hunt – ‘Landsickness’, 8+1 Sailing Haiku

‘Landsickness’ a group of 8+1 Haiku inspired by a weekend sailing on the Norfolk Broads with Sail Britain.

 a red weather face
moving still with boat motion
of reeds and ripples

cod oil and sea paint
autumn light on brown sailed

the bent black shag sits
wind channels our land sadness
a white boat sails

jaylene liked the reeds
while jayanne preferred the mud
ruddy reeds and mud

seal labradors
set their nose through a white surf
dashing the foreshore

sea dogs in the surf
pink bodies run on hard sand
a kite pulls the sky

a diet for scurvy
prune cake and golden whiskey
a September feast

the earth is swaying
my water legs compassed by
acute landsickness

+ 1 extra

poet overboard
no one moved, the boat sailed on
poet overboard

Jeremy Hunt is a writer, currently busy on themes of slavery, migration, religion, food, music, dance, fashion and visual culture between Brasil, Africa and Europe. As editor of AAJPress, he is a curator, producer, media commentator on contemporary art specialising in art and urban culture. And also writing an anthology of art in fiction, 2016.