Regenerative Horizons: A Journey of Connection and Renewal

Join us for a week-long exploration of nature, community, and regenerative living at sea
22nd – 28th of June, Oban-Mallaig

In this critical decade for climate, the future we know is possible requires fearless and passionate people who practise new forms of leading, organising and relating to themselves, each other, and the more-than-human-world. Yet, it’s common to feel tired, depleted and stuck amidst the prevailing winds of business-as-usual and the relentless flow of negative news.  

There’s nothing more healing for the soul than the endless horizon, the ever changing vistas of land intersecting with the sea, and the perpetual metamorphosis and drama of the open skies.

“To the dull mind nature is leaden. To the illuminated mind the whole world burns and sparkles with light” ~Emerson

Join us for a week of slow travelling as we will sail the west Scottish seas from Oban to Mallaig. Throughout the week we will weave together three stands of activities focused on nature, self, and community. We will playfully open our senses to the natural world around us and explore the elements to reawaken our awe and wonder. We will go deeper into our personal inquiry and use our imagination to explore our learning questions with the help of nature. And we will tell stories, share poems, and work towards building a community that is passionate about living and working regeneratively. And of course, we will sail together, cook together, swim together. All the good things in life.

This week will be led by Ilma Stankeviciute, a nature facilitator, storyteller, yoga teacher, martial artist, and regenerative circular economy expert with an MSc in Sustainability. During this week we seek to build a community of like-minded people passionate about the just and regenerative vision of our world where all life can thrive together, and so we ask you to submit a short application form to make sure your intentions align with the spirit of the week. No sailing experience is required as Sail Britain’s skipper Oliver will teach you everything you need to know about sailing. If there are particular projects you would like to conduct during this expedition we are happy to support you. If you have any questions before you apply, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at to find time for a 15 min chat.

The Regenerative Horizons: A Journey of Connection and Renewal week will begin at 18.00 on Saturday 22nd June at North Pier Pontoons in Oban. To end the week, we will aim to be at Mallaig marina by the night of Friday 28th June for journeys home in the morning of Saturday 29th.

We have a tiered pricing for this trip and we trust you to decide which tier you come under. All tiers cover the cost of all equipment, sailing training, food, a cosy berth onboard as well as the cost of the boat. The higher tiers contribute to supporting crew, facilitation, and the Sail Britain project. Abundance tier – £1195 (for those with higher than average salaries and stable jobs in businesses or large NGOs). Regular tier – £995 (for those on a lower yet stable income). Accessible tier – £795 (for those with no income or from underprivileged backgrounds).

Also have a look at our FAQs page for an insight into life onboard.

For any questions about the programme, please send us an email –