Over the Sea to Skye

22 – 29th June, starting and ending in Mallaig

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The Vikings called the Isle of Skyesky-a’ meaning ‘cloud island’ in old Norse, a reference to the often mist-shrouded Cuillin Hills and the unique weather system they generate. This beautiful island is home to some of Scotland’s wildest places, some only accessible by boat.

We shall set sail from Mallaig and will hopefully have suitable weather for a circumnavigation over the week, with time to go ashore and explore the rugged landscape.

As with all our programme, we will be undertaking oceanographic research projects while underway and this is something the entire crew will get involved with. The waters around Skye are an important sampling area for our phytoplankton mapping project with the Secchi Disk Study charting the concentrations of these tiny organisms threatened by Climate Change and a crucial part in fighting it.

The trip fee of £695 covers the cost of the boat, crew, all equipment and training you’ll need onboard, as well as food, fuel and gas for the week. Not included is your travel to and from the start/end points of the voyage and any expenses ashore, although these tend to very limited out in the wilds!

Please see this page for hints and tips about funding your trip if applicable.