Ocean Conservation

Week 1, 21 – 28th May &

Week 2, 28th May – 4th June

Falmouth, £750

Learning about marine conservation is one of the cornerstones of Sail Britain’s mission and this week gives us the opportunity to explore the wonders of ocean life first hand. We will also visit some important marine habitats while also enjoying some great sailing.

The seas around the British Isles are rich in marine life, from Humpback Whales and Basking Sharks to incredible sea birds, seagrass beds and kelp forests.

However, these animals and habitats are under threat. Climate change, plastic pollution and overfishing are some of the main factors affecting life at sea. On this trip we will be learning about and witnessing these issues first hand and discussing how we might be able to make personal choices to help bring the seas back into good health. Hopefully this week will give us all a taste of the richness of the seas and inspire us to go back home to share our stories and ideas.

The week will give us opportunity to explore many different habitats and marine environments. Each night we’ll stop at a different location, giving us plenty of chances to go ashore and explore some of the ocean’s secrets. During some of these shore visits we will take part in The Great Eggcase Hunt – an ongoing national search for shark egg cases that hopes to shed light on their elusive breeding patterns.

Sunrise on the Helford River

Starting and ending in Falmouth, both weeks will have access to some absolutely stunning sailing areas and easy access to some of Britain’s most important marine habitats.

The trip fee covers the cost of the boat, crew, all equipment and training you’ll need onboard, as well as food, fuel and gas for the week. Not included is your travel to and from the start/end points of the voyage and any expenses ashore, although these tend to be very limited out in the wilds!

Yacht Merlin, your home for the week