Mull, Staffa and the Wild Islands

18 – 25th May, starting and ending in Oban

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Exploring Ocean Plastic Pollution

Continuing our environmental engagement, we’ll be looking for the tiniest plastic fragments – microplastics – and leaning about their effects on the ocean’s ecosystems, while sailing to some of the wild and beautiful islands withing reach of our start and end point, Oban.

The week will begin with a beachclean with local activist Janie Steele, the results of which will be catalogued for the Marine Conservation Society (MCS). This will give us an insight into the kinds of material polluting Scotland’s waters, and where they might be coming from. If the possibility arises, we’ll also aim to do beachcleans in remoter locations where land based access is not possible and report our findings via the MCS. We also carry a microplastics net and microscope onboard to have a close look at these toxic remnants of our plastic addiction first hand.

The plastics theme is an ongoing study across Sail Britain’s programme, and as sailors we need to be addressing it head on and sharing our stories as much as possible. We’ll set sail to explore plastic in the oceans and in our lives and consider the opportunities we have to engage with the issue from our own points of view.

As well as sharing and developing ideas onboard during the week, you will join Sail Britain’s growing community of artists, scientists and activists raising awareness and searching for solutions across a wide variety of disciplines.