Isla and Jura, Exploring Ocean Plastic Pollution

10 – 18th May, Starting and ending in Oban

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This week will be led by plastics researcher and Surfers Against Sewage Scotland rep Rebecca Steele to explore plastic in the oceans and in our lives. The plastics theme is an ongoing study across Sail Britain’s programme, and as sailors we need to be addressing it head on and sharing our stories as much as possible.

This trip will focus on plastic pollution in the marine environment and what it means to us, the wildlife, the locals and much more! The programme will have a hands-on approach to measuring the extent of plastic pollution in the area we will be sailing. Most importantly, it is all about sharing ideas and experiences with the group in the hope to expand your outlook on key issues in the environment!

We carry a microplastics net and microscope to have a close look at these toxic remnants of our plastic addiction first hand. As well as sharing and developing ideas onboard during the week, you will join Sail Britain’s growing community of artists, scientists and activists raising awareness and searching for solutions across a wide variety of disciplines.

Want to know more about the issue and see firsthand? This trip is for you.